Pot Meds Minder

PotMedsMinders is an iPhone/iPad medical marijuana health care app. Key features include push and music reminders, magnifying flashlight, tracking/logging of uses and other personal healthcare features.

PotsMedsMinders is Free for 1-med with upgrades for unlimited meds and multi-media chat and newsfeed for $0.99/month.  Click on any image for AppStore.

PotsMedsMinders is an iPhone/iPad app designed to help/aid medical cannabis marijuana users, vets and caregivers in managing their medications, therapy, diets, drugs, pain, therapies, healing, infections, prescriptions, scripts, treatments, allergies, vitamins, herbs, herbals, supplements, health aids and other medical, health, alternative medicine to provide reminders and alerts for medical marijuana medical cannabis, practitioners, family members, caregivers, and other health aid helpers to reduce side effects, disease, effects, injury, impact, emergencies, trauma and other impacts.


Major improvements are:

News Feed for upgrade users to share news, articles, thoughts, videos, audio podcasts, pics and more.

Multi-media Chat allowing upgrade users to share videos, pics, audio/podcasts and emoji action-icons.

MedsLog which tracks every med taken or not take and added into a MedLog which can be emailed to medical professionals and other caregivers, and other health care professionals.

ZoomLite a magnifying flashlight, camera, weather and large format clock which aids users in reading med bottles and other medical information as well as aiding app users in the dark.

PotMedsMinders along with MedsMinders and PetsMedsMinders companion apps are each a critical part of a beneficial meds and healthcare regime.

PotMedsMinders, PetsMedsMinders and MedsMinders are also designed specifically for those over-40 and others who are visually-challenged and with near blind eyesight.  With extra-large fonts for both iPhone and iPad are designed to be used without the need for “readers” (reading glasses).

PotMedsMinders and MedsMinders and PetsMedsMinders is part of a family of apps including SleepTracs, TextFreeDrivers, HashNewsGrams, BiEyes, iFlipTips, RewardsVIPClub, and many others from TECHtionary.

You can get help/support and offer ideas/suggestions at cross@gocross.com