MedsMinders People Version

You can use PetsMedsMinders for yourself as well.  However, if you prefer the “people” version you can get MedsMinders here.  There is a vast library of medical information and original research on  We see both as an integral part of better health.  If you look at our animated medical library we have been doing this kind of research since 2005.  For example, we don’t agree that tracking your snoring will help you with sleep apnea.  It will only tell you that you snore.  Everyone snores but you don’t hear yourself snoring.  We focus on ideas for better sleep and if you sleep with someone and their snoring bothers you, you can poke them but they make poke back or our best recommendation is sleep in another room.  We do our research and give you options for better health.  One of the cool features in both MedsMinders and PetsMedsMinders is Zoomlite – a magnifying flashlight so you don’t fall at night and you can use the zoom to read that very-very small font type on your meds containers/packages.