PetsMedsMinders is an iPhone/iPad app coming soon designed to help/aid pet owners and pet caregivers in managing their medications, therapy, diets, drugs, pain, therapies, healing, infections, prescriptions, scripts, treatments, allergies, vitamins, herbs, herbals, supplements, health aids and other medical, health, alternative medicine to provide reminders and alerts for users, patients, therapist, pharmacists, practitioners, family members, caregivers, and other health aid helpers to reduce side effects, disease, effects, injury, impact, emergencies, trauma and other impacts.  There is a FREE version along with small fee versions.

PetsMedsMinders is part of a family of apps including MedsMinders, Football Fans Club, Baseball Fans Club, Hash News Gram, BiEyes, iFlipTips, iSleepTrack, RewardsVIPClub, and many others from TECHtionary.
You can get help/support and offer ideas/suggestions at cross@gocross.com.